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Iron On 3D Letterings by Inkviva - Large Pack

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12mm / Half Inch Iron On Letters by INKVIVA

▶ Letter Size: 12mm / Half Inch Tall
▶ Letter Applique Thickness: 0.5mm
▶ Package Size: 71 Letters / Motifs
▶ Ideal for name prints and messages on just about any fabric items

▶ Activation: 160°C / 320°F for 12 seconds



  • QUICK & EASY TO USE (Peel and 12 sec Ironing) - Hand select the letters straight away, no need to cut out each letter.
  • SILICONE MATERIAL - Label surface can be Directly Heated to iron on -You won't mess up your design and layout while ironing :^)
  • PROFESSIONAL LOOK - Alignment Tool is provided in package for you to line up any letters neat and tidily.
  • 3D PRINT -Labels are about 0.5mm thick, which bring Quality and Premium Texture together with better visual effect than flat sheet heat transfers;
  • SOFT & MALLEABLE - Labels can conform to uneven fabric surfaces, and they do not crack after wash; Washable and dry-able.
  • VIVID COLORS - Labels have Solid Opacity and they look great on all color backgrounds;
  • MIX N MATCH - Available in different Combinations and colors, please check our store.

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